In Between.

   I find myself in between. Between wanting for summer to last forever, and, in the same time, longing for winter to come. How is that possible? Two completely contrary desires in my head and my heart. So, yesterday, it was waffle-time and I couldn't decide what to wear. On one hand, a summer dress, flowy and simple, and on the other hand, my favorite jeans. Mmm, tough decision. And that is how I decided to...combine both! My favorite torn jeans and a flowy, simple top, pure white with broderie details. And sandals (the most comfortale ones; Melissa, what else?). But to counterbalance the scale that obviously leaned to summer, I added this suede bag... I was not the one to carry the weight of this decision!

Top- BSB
Jeans and Bag- Zara
Necklace (actually belt, but worn as a necklace)- Accessorize
Sandals- Melissa

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  1. Το λευκο τοπ!Ειναι πολυ ωραιο...Εχει στυλ Vintage...Σου παει καλη επιλογη!


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