Love is in the ἔαρ.


Playing with words.

   "ἔαρ" in ancient greek means "spring". Apart form that, it fortunately happens to be homonymous (= being heard the same) with the english word "air", so I decided to use this -very common in Greece- play with words. Well, love is in the air, especially during spring. That' s why this is my favorite season of all· nature with its' blooming makes us bloom, too. I find myself to be more optimistic about everything, daydream more often and see things with a different eye.
    That is, of course, when spring actually is here, with its' warmth and sun... After maaany weeks in which it seemed that it has lost its' way, I can finally say those long-desired words: "Spring is here!" (any rumors of me jumping on my bed while saying this, are definitely untrue.)

dress and flower crown  H & M
brogues  PULL & BEAR


A Forest Creature.

 Into the woods. 

   A hooded figure wandering into the woods. A cold noon with no sight of living there. Pure silence and solitude. 

   In other words, one of my favorite photoshoots for Red Rose Cheeks

cape and ballet flats  ZARA


Happy New Year!

   Best wishes for a whimsical year.

   New year, new look! Well, just something I tried for a few days. What do you think? Of course, this new look demanded to be photographed, and Lana's signature hair flowers look was something I've been wanting to try for a looong time.

   Enough with hair talk, on to my wish for the new year: May 2015 be full of love, in all its forms. May people be (and feel) loved and less lonely. Everything is better when you have someone on your side, either it is a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a brother or sister, a mum or a dad, or a friend. 

dress  ZARA
flower crown  H & M

photography by myself 


La jongleuse.

♬ Amelie Soundtrack - Yann Tiersen 

  Mischief managed!

   "La jongleuse" is the juggler, the magician with the almost invisible hands doing their magic. Well, when an idea is born, magic shall happen. 
  That's what happened with these girls. We now present to you our collaboration for Sweetcase's a/w  2014-15 lookbook. A mischievous, playful, girly, full of glitter photoshoot, just in time for Christmas. 

AccessoriesSweetcase by Irini Spinou 
ModelAggeliki of Cats love Athens
PhotographyRed Rose Cheeks photography
Lights & production assistant: Kostas Antonakoglou 

Special thanks to Bubble Tales & Granny's House