Goodbye May, Hello June.


   I can't believe it is June already. The last days of May didn't go as well as I wanted them to, but they made me realize a couple of things that I, and most people I believe, usually take for granted. First, one must never be alone. No matter how bumped you are, there is always a hug and a good laugh with your loved ones that can make you feel better. Second, optimism. A friend last night said that it wasn't June that started not so well, but May that ended that way. I found it very inspiring. We should always try to preserve our inner hope, and put the bad things behind in order to live our lives.

   So, summer is officially here and that alone is a hopeful fact. Welcome, June!

I am wearing: 

dress  H & M Trend
necklace  H & M Water Collection
ballet flats  ZARA
bag  OYSHO 


Gingham Love

Making new friends. 

   My new friend would be that cute dog, stepping out of the house that seemed uninhabited till that very moment. I have to say he was very discreet, he calmly came out of the yard, just in time to be caught on the camera and offer this photoshoot a really happy coincidence! 

   I think my outfit couldn't have blended better with the environment, all the pink laying around. Gingham is a favorite of mine. Apparently, Starbucks is too. I' ve had my eyes on this all-pink thermos for all summer last year, and I finally got it! I believe it would be the third addition to my Starbucks thermos... So, it had to be photographed. Something so pretty should always be photographed, don't you think? 

p.s. It's May already! Yay :)

I am wearing: 

shirt  ZARA
jeans  BERSHKA
bag and earrings  ACCESSORIZE
pumps  MIU MIU


Spring Awakening.

After 2 months of no blogging activity. here I am! Trying to rediscover the inspiration that I desperately need these past few months. Blogging hibernation is no news, but definitely something to think about for people that are used to express themselves via the internet... Well, I believe it was about time that I started 'working' on Red Rose Cheeks again, just in time for more spring looks and of course, bare legs!


I am wearing:

top and skirt  H & M Trend
shoes  NEW LOOK 
bag  MARC by Marc Jacobs


About Love.

   What is love. 

  I am not the wisest person, but I know this: Love is when your boyfriend spends your last day together photographing you for your blog, listening to every crazy idea of a photoshoot you might have in your head (seriously, a cheesy, all-hearts post for Valentine's day? And what do you mean that we'll have to do it indoors using the flash?), then lights up a couple of candles (after all it's your last day together) and snuggles with you under the blanket, when all he wanted to do in the first place is get directly to the snuggling part and skip all the others. 

  But that's how you fill up with strength until he comes back and then do it all over again. The photoshoots, the candles, the snuggling and many many more. 

dress  H & M DIVIDED
necklace  FOLLI FOLLIE