Grey city.

Dungarees and no tights.

   Let's talk style. It's early December already and this mild weather consents to bare legs instead of the nude tights that I shamelessly loathe. Don't get me wrong- I love opaque tights, tights with hearts, polka dots and flowers, but nude? No thanks! I think nude tights go to that "forbidden-clothing chest" of mine, along with cowboy boots, military camouflage print and transparent plastic bra straps. Well, everybody has their do's and dont's and I just layed out a bunch of them... It's kind of refreshing really! 
   What kind of clothing do you hate? Come on, speak up!

top and necklace  H & M
dungarees  PULL & BEAR
socks  OYSHO
booties  ZARA
'Violet' bag  PAUL'S BOUTIQUE


Welcome, Autumn.

A text without the word ‘summer’ in it. 

   Themed photoshoots…always a favorite. It’s amazing what some props (in this case, a book) and some natural light can do. I was waiting for the right time to post these photos, and this gloomy Sunday seemed most appropriate. Athens got chilly all of a sudden, and it feels great! I am only looking forward to rainy afternoons, crawling in bed, reading Harry Potter and keeping warm with a hot cup of chocolate aside.
  Under other circumstances, a text without the word ‘summer’ in it, would seem unimaginable. And yet, it happened. I just looove autumn :)

'Lovers' bustier KARAVAN 
skirt and shoes ZARA 
hair flower H & M


Feeling Unique.

   Pure local.

   It's always nice to shop mainstream brands like ZARA or H&M- you know that I am a big fan. You can always find budget clothing and once in a while, a pretty dress that will make your hear beat. But, sometimes, you just need something unique. An almost one-of-a-kind piece that is guaranteed to make you feel special wearing it. This dress is definitely that kind of dress. Soft and romantic, with a touch of floral, perfect for that late afternoon strolling. And the back... well, it speaks for itself. Combined with all greek fashion, a delicate lace bracelet (that smells pretty too!), and the most comfortable leather sandals. 
   And here I come, island-hopping! 

'Herrera' dress by KARAVAN 
lace bracelet  KORDELITSES


Blinding sun.

  Habits and changes. 

   This place has become sort of established here in Red Rose Cheeks. Two years ago, summer 2012, we photographed for the first time here, then summer 2013 followed and now, here we are, summer of 2014. This makes me think that this blog is already 4 years old. This year, though, hasn't been as productive as I'd want it to be, blog-wise. One thing I know for sure is that I always try to post quality articles, regarding the outfit, the photography, the place that we do our photoshoots, the text. Quality over quantity -always. I am still in the process of thinking about what it is I want for this blog, and I believe that what I need is a change. To make some changes here. Well, time will show.
   For now, it's the 2nd of August, the month of vacation and I am packing my suitcase 'cause I am leaving today, yay! So, I believe I can pospone these thoughts a liiiiittle longer and be back refreshed, with new material! 


  I hope you are having a great summer, full of laughter, ice creams, late nights, salt on your hair and of course, love. Ahh, love.


dress  ZARA
wedges  D&G
raffia bag  AXEL 
handmade necklace, bought in Elafonisos