Spring Awakening.

After 2 months of no blogging activity. here I am! Trying to rediscover the inspiration that I desperately need these past few months. Blogging hibernation is no news, but definitely something to think about for people that are used to express themselves via the internet... Well, I believe it was about time that I started 'working' on Red Rose Cheeks again, just in time for more spring looks and of course, bare legs!


I am wearing:

top and skirt  H & M Trend
shoes  NEW LOOK 
bag  MARC by Marc Jacobs


About Love.

   What is love. 

  I am not the wisest person, but I know this: Love is when your boyfriend spends your last day together photographing you for your blog, listening to every crazy idea of a photoshoot you might have in your head (seriously, a cheesy, all-hearts post for Valentine's day? And what do you mean that we'll have to do it indoors using the flash?), then lights up a couple of candles (after all it's your last day together) and snuggles with you under the blanket, when all he wanted to do in the first place is get directly to the snuggling part and skip all the others. 

  But that's how you fill up with strength until he comes back and then do it all over again. The photoshoots, the candles, the snuggling and many many more. 

dress  H & M DIVIDED
necklace  FOLLI FOLLIE
backpack  LOVE MOSCHINO 



   Spring in the midst of winter.

  I hate to admit it, but I've already got a bit... tired of winter. The weirdest thing, though, is that we don't really experience winter here in Greece. It's still February, but I have come to the point where I can't find what else to wear, all my winter clothes seem so boring right now, and I am dreaming about spring, floral clothes and aethereal fabrics. Please tell me I am not the only one!

dress  ZARA (new collection)
cardigan  H & M
shoes  ASOS 
necklace and scarf  ACCESSORIZE


Sorting Hat.


   Every Harry Potter enthusiast has at least once in their life wondered in which house they would be placed at, according to the judgment of the sorting hat. Now, if you are NOT a Harry Potter fan, I am sure that all these sound a bit… creepy. But I promise, I won't bore you with details. 
   The four houses of Hogwarts are: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Each one of them is characterized by some specific qualities for the person chosen. Gryffindor is the house of the brave, Slytherin is known for its's ambitious nature, Ravenclaw is the house of intelligence, whilst Hufflepuff is the house of the loyal and caring. You should know that I am a girl seriously influenced by movies, even it is for Harry Potter. Take this, and my general tendency to always team up with the good ones in a movie, I would always imagine myself in Gryffindor. That was until I watched the last series of HP, and all my love suddenly concentrated in a specific Slytherin character: Professor Severus Snape. HP lovers, you know what I am talking about (I will never forget this quote). 
   So, it’s a real dilemma between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I haven’t decided yet, and I am re-reading all the HP books in order to be able to make a choice! Slytherin house has earned me in one sector, though- fashion wise: Green is my favorite color, so when I was to choose a house scarf for my collection, it was definitely going to be Slytherin’s. 
   Enjoy the photos and hey, non HP fans, try not to jugde! 

top  and collar  H & M
skirt  ZARA
pumps  NEW LOOK (odrered from ASOS)
scarf  FANI LoveCrafts, bought in Cap Cap