Feathers And Autumn Colours.

   There is no doubt. Flowers are my favorite! I instantly fell in love with the flower print of this top because it reminded me of autumn! It was like it had the smell of the wet ground after the pouring rain, the colours of the tree leaves that begin to fall, the breeze of an autumnal afternoon when you watch by the window the rain...I love it when something around me brings to mind beautiful places, moments and memories!

Top- Bershka
Jeans- Zara
Sandals- Nice day, Nice things
Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings- Accessorize


  1. kati mou 8umizei auto to mplouzaki...elpizw na to foreseis k me ton sunduasmo pou skeftika, gia pio wild katastaseis..;P

  2. my thoughts exactly!! υπάρχει στο bershka κ αντίστοιχο φορεματάκι στο ίδιο ύφασμα κ σχέδιο...ήταν η πρώτη μου αγορά για την σεζόν, ακριβώς επειδή κ μένα μου θύμιζε φθινόπωρο!!:D


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