Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias at AXDW s/s '11.

   I am speechless. I knew I was really looking  forward to Vassilis Zoulias' show, but the expectations were nothing compared to the real thing! I fell in love with every outfit! Delicate fabrics, 50's air, plaid and striped patterns, ladylike details, big "Brigitte Bardot" hair, stunning pumps, eyeliner...I literally felt I was in the 50's, and I was watching elegant ladies passing by, wearing beautiful dresses and unique accessories...Last, but definitely not least, Vassilis Zoulias' show trully gave me the feeling that I was actually watching "haute coutoure". The fabrics and the whole "Old Athens" concept made me feel like I was watching one of the biggest shows in Paris, London, or NY Fashion Week...! I am thrilled!

...I strongly believe I wasn't supposed to be born in the 90's, but in the 50's. This "old scent" speaks right in my heart. 

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