40's Inspired.

   I have always admired the way women expressed themselves in different ways through the different decades. This is an outfit inspired by the 40's.

   I am also wearing my new pants and feather bag I ordered from asos. Although I am more than happy for owning these pieces right now, I have to say that my experience of ordering from asos was not pleasant at all. The order was extremely delayed and finally asos people told us that the order was lost! So, we were refunded our money but we had to re-order the stuff, that, thankfully, were delivered on the due-day.

Chiffon Liberty Blouse - Deby Debo (also worn here)
Dark Pink Mens-Like Pants and Nude Feather Clutch - asos
Pink Cardigan - Zara
Pearls Necklace - Accessorize (also worn here)
Deep Red Socks - Calzedonia
Suede Heels - Faith (bought from London's Topshop) (also worn here)


  1. ooh how sweet can an outfit be! ;D
    extra point for the feather purse!

  2. oh thank you dear! extra point for the comment about the feather bag! hehe

  3. great outfit!
    really loved the combinations you made!

  4. εξαιρετικό το ντύσιμο. και τα παπούτσια και η τσάντα σούπερ.Αλλά έξτρα πόντος για το χρώμα στο παντελονάκι..είναι υπέροχα κομψό

  5. Πες μου ότι πας έτσι ντυμένη για να κάνεις μάθημα!!! Αν ναι πες μου σε ποιο σχολείο είσαι να στείλω (όταν κάνω) τα παιδιά μου! Απίστευτο-ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΟ στυλ. Εχω κατενθουσιαστεί! Μπράβο, χίλια μίρια μπράβο!


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