Flower Girl.

   This outfit is all about roses, which I am deeply in love with (don't tell me you didn't guess this from the name I have given to my blog). When I saw these tights, I knew that they were a bit eccentric but so romantic at the same time, so I realised that I really needed them! Then, I found their perfect match: the bright blue boots! It was fate.

Flower Tights and scarf ACCESSORIZE
Boots UGG
Parka ZARA


  1. Eίσαι γλυκύτατη από πάνω ως κάτω!

  2. sas euxaristw poluuu koritsia! ;)

  3. Κολλησα τοσο με αυτη την εμφανιση!που γυριζω και την κοιταω που και που!και επειδη δουελευω για γιορτες στο accessorize!το ποσο εχω προτεινει το καλσον...!δεν ξερω αν το προσεχα αν δεν το παρουσιαζες ετσι!

  4. aa s'euxaristw paaara polu! den uparxei kalutero apo to na mou peis oti sou "emeine" mia emfanish sto mualo! oso gia ta accessorize, ti na pw, apla agapw! ta exw xtisei! fainetai, nomizw ki apo ta post mou!


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