Not As Promised.

   "Dido - Thank you"

   Since I forgot my camera at my boyfriend's house back at his hometown last weekend, I couldn't post the outfit I have promised you in my "small preview" post. Hopefully, I will get my camera back on Monday, so I will be able to post my New Year's outfit, at last! 
   But, until that happens, here is an outfit with my oh-so-beloved Miu-Miu Mary Janes. A more casual version of them, obviously. I believe that these pumps beautify every single clothing item that has the chance to stand by them!

fur vest (with satin belt of my own) and jeans  ZARA
pullover  PULL&BEAR
mary jane pumps  MIU MIU

♥ p.s. Song dedicated to J. ♥


  1. I love these miu miu shoes from the first time I saw them!Amazing choice!Like your vest too :)

  2. they´re soooo great! love the swallow print! ;D

  3. mou aresei polli to fur jacket..thelw kai gw ena alla exw boukwsei..exw dei tosa fetos pou pragmatika de 3erw ti xrwma protimw, (eimai anamesa se leuko kai kafe) poso makri to pathainw sixna kai sto telos epeidi eimai kai didimara anapofasisti kataligw na min agorazw katholou..xiixix..kala to de papoutsiko, ti na pw.To die for!


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