Passionate or Pure Love?

   What are you looking for in your life? A love that will rock you all over with it's intense passion and it's fierceness or a pure love, consisting of deep feelings, writing diaries and dreaming of the one you love? Well, I could never opt for one of the two. True Love is made of all those things. Passion. Purity. Intensity. Sorrow. Happiness. Dreams. Roses and at the same time thorns. That' the way it goes. And, despite the fact that we all are aware of this, we are still longing for love. 

From the left and clockwise;
Passionate Love
 Perfume Pure Poison, CHRISTIAN DIOR
Red Lipstick, ERRE DUE, no. 126
Strawberry Body Butter, BODY SHOP
Black Flower Brooch, H & M
Magenda Flower Brooch, ACCESSORIZE
Red Pumps, D & G
Pearl and Heart Necklace, ACCESSORIZE
Rose Clutch Bag (underneath), H & M

Pure Love
Perfumes Le Jasmin, ANNICK GOUTAL and CHLOE
Pearl Necklace, VINTAGE
lingerie, OYSHO
pink and blue lace stockings, CALZEDONIA
mary-jane pumps, MIU MIU
pearl anf flower brooch, ACCESSORIZE
necklace, GIFTED
pearl bracelets all over, H & M
pink lipstick Kiss me Forever, ERRE DUE, no. 18


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