Confessions Of Another Shopaholic.

   Remember Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic when she thought that the window shops were calling at her? This is exactly the feeling I got when I crossed over these beautiful shoes. It was like fate  calling. I entered the shop just to try them on by curiosity, I asked for my size but it was not available, and by the time I started to feel a small disappointment, the polite lady informed me that their form is smaller than the usual, so, with a smile painted again on my face, I asked her for me to try them on. I knew that the would be expensive but I said to myself "just try them on". And that was it. Although I don't usually like high-heeled sandals on my feet, those looked actually really pretty! But the best part was that...they were half-off! So, let me introduce them to you. Oh, I am so happy!

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Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Flannel Sandals


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