There is no Blue without Green and without Orange.

   Paraphrasing Van Gogh's words. These last few days I love experimenting with how jarring colors eventually look so good together. Green is my favorite color, navy blue is just perfect for summer, and orange...well, this bag's orange was a love at first sight. So, why not wearing all three colors together, with a new pair of shoes completing the outfit? Especially if it is a gift from someone special!

top and skirt  ZARA
bag  SEE BY CHLOE (also here)
plastic pumps  MELISSA PATCHULI
sunglasses  BALENCIAGA 



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  2. i've tried the color blocking myself and it's so spring-y!

  3. love the combination of those 3 colors!and of course i love your melissa shoes!

  4. WONDERFUL ! ! !
    I like very much all...and especialy , for my style, that orange bag...! ! !
    love it..
    I would prefer without black colour, because I dont weare black colour, but It is magic! ! !
    Love it ! ! !

    and I like your blog very much ! ! !

  5. το blog σου ειναι τελειο!! μολις το ανακαλυψα και μου αρεσει παρα πολυ,οπως κ το προσωπικο σου στιλ !!ειδικα αυτο το συνολο παρα πολυ ωραιο!!
    προσπαθω να γινω follower αλλα για καποιο λογο δεν μου εμφανιζει το google bar..θα επιστρεψω ομως συντομα να ξαναπροσπαθησω!αν θελεις ριξε μια ματια κ στο δικο μου blog

    θα χαρω πολυ να μαθω τη γνωμη σου!


  6. teleio outfit! latreuw ta poluxrwma sunola!


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