...aka the Little Mermaid. Now, you are probably wondering what does Ariel have to do with a not-so-much-of a-sea-setting. Well, the answer would be "nothing", except for the fact that one of my 7 year old students back at our school days well-observed that "with this red hair and these colourful clothes you look like Ariel- the little mermaid"! Wow! It is amazing what a child's imagination can create out of nowhere!

   Once again, my hair is braided! Well, you will not see me wearing this hairstyle again any time soon, as I am leaving today for Chios to visit a special friend and, under normal circumstances, I won't be posting for several days. Have a great weekend and see you soon!

   ...Well, thinking about happy moments like the one described above, is vital during these hard times. 

polka-dot dress (worn as a top) and skirt H  &  M
espadrilles STRADIVIRUS (also here)
necklace GIFTED 


  1. kouklitsaaaaaa!!!xeiropoihto einai to kolie???:D

  2. I loved your braid and your nail colour!
    You look so good in those colours!
    Have lots of fun at Chios. I have many relatives there. It's where my father grew up.


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