H&M Spring-Summer 2012 Preview.

   Yesterday I attended the Press Preview for the oh-so-expected-I-can't-wait-for-it H&M spring-summer collection at downtown Athens. It was the first time for me so excuse me if I sound too enthusiastic!
   The showroom looked like this:

picture courtesy of H & M

   There was music, there was food, there were drinks, there were stylish people...My afternoon was spent mostly by talking photos as I was totally mesmerized! I do not wish to sound overwelmingly positive about the collection but the truth is that the patterns, the textures, the feeling of the clothes made me long for spring. It is my favourite time of the year, anyway. And spring clothing is the best!

   So, about the collection. I would prefer for the pictures to talk. Here are the color palettes:

Some details:

Oh, I loved the shoes and the accessories:

...I am definitely getting the last ones!

   *Special Thanks to Mariza Petrakou who invited me to the event and Anna Kotsareli who was so kind to me!


  1. τέλειο post & υπέροχα ρουχα και αξεσουάρ :)
    πώς έλαβες πρόσκληση ? εξαιρετικάαα :*

    x athena.

  2. omorfi sullogi eidika auto to mplouzoforemataki me ta poulakia!elpizw na to petuxw!

  3. @Reaction: Ναι, μου άρεσε κι εμένα άααρα ολύ το συγκεκριμένο! Ακόμα και για τώρα με ένα καλσονάκι μαύρο...

  4. Para poli wraia kommatia! Can't wait for spring.

  5. Τα βραχιολάκια τα λάτρεψα :) Great post dear!

  6. Ta teleftaia ta eida prohgoumenws sto site tou H&M kai entousiasthka!!! mporoun na forethoun k afth thn epoxh les?

  7. pastel colours are my favourite! and those gloves.. so classy :)

  8. Teleies photos!! In love with the leather gloves..


  9. i'm also getting the last ones lol!


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