Versace for H&M.

   What a pleasant surprise! Coming back from work- a beautiful invitation waiting for me at the door! Black with golden details outside, fun leopard on the inside, the extravagant combination of  fuschia and gold on the invitation, and the famous meander print all around...Ahh, Versace for H&M fashion party!...Three days before the original launching of the collection! Could I feel more excited?!  
   The event is going to be hosted on the 15th of November, at the new flagship store of H&M, at Ermou 54. Anyone else attending?

* Thank you Glamour


  1. οοοο....O...M...G...!!!!
    I hate you...Why I'm not come with you...:P
    Just have as much fun as you can :)

  2. egw!!egw 8a er8w mazi sou!!;)

  3. perimenoume analitiko reportaz of ti memories...versace sta 90s me linda, christy kai naomi....(oxi den imouna ekei xaxa)

  4. I'm expecting my invitation as well so I'll probably see you there! According to the press release we will be able to buy the collection as well !! That's a first!


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