What I have been up to the last days of 2011.


   Food tasting week

   These last days of 2011 have been all about tasting yummie yummie stuff!
1. Tasting a biiig pizza at Pizzoteca,

   2. Grabbing my favorite Cranberry White Mocha at Starbucks,

   3. Finally tasting those famous candy-coloured macarons at Paul's (and a berry tart, slourp!),

   4. And, finally, trying for the first time ever, to make my own melomakarona- traditional here in Greece..I did it! I am so proud of me!

sweater and snood  H & M
striped sweater  ZARA
plaid shirt  OYSHO

   I am wishing you a colourful 2012, full of experiences, beautiful moments and lots of LOVE!


  1. Teleies fwtografies! Ola fainontai pentanostima! Sigxaritiria gia ta melomakarona! Kai egw ftiaxnw moni m ta teleutaia 5-6 xronia! Sou euxomai na exeis mia iperoxi xronia. To 2012 na sou ferei oti epithimeis!

  2. Na dokimάσεις τα μακαρόν του Zonar's, αν και τα μελομακαρονα σου φαινονται πεντανόστιμα!


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