H&M Autumn '12 Press Party.

   A reeeally picture-heavy post

   My yesterday's afternoon. Spent at Booze Cooperativa, downtown Athens. Saw many happy people there, Mariza Petrakou and Anna Kotsareli and fellow blogger from Photographed some high-street fashion and tasted some yummie treats. The girls did it again, organizing the event to the smallest detail, from a special photoshoot for the celebration of 5 years of the company in Greece to printing our photos and handing them to us. I can't thank you enough for inviting me every time!
   And now on the collection. I have to say that H&M really raised the bar this time. Εvery piece was  well-made and could be regarded as a high fashion garment. Really statement pieces. I especially loved the fact that all garments had some sort of textured feeling. Brocade, quilted fabrics, gold thread, stone embellishment were some of the hits. Take a first look: 

   p.s. one.  Fell in love with the printed dress, the quilted shorts, the tiny-tiny macarons and some pretty cool stuff for my man.

   p.s. two.   If you are wondering what I am wearing, you should check out the upcoming post with the outfit and the photos from the 5 year celebration photoshoot that H&M held at the party!

   p.s. three.  All photos were shot by me, except the ones that I am in (!), that were shot by the official photographer of the event. Thank you!


  1. polu wraies...k vevaia ektos apo ta rouxa laxtarisa k ta macarons....slourp

  2. thanx for the mention! really glad to see you!

  3. Nice photos!The clothes look amazing!


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