Bikini or...

The swimsuit 

   I've always been a bikini fan. And the latest years it's been all about it, no question. It was two years ago (yes, I still remember) that I fell in love with a red ruffle swimsuit for Juicy Couture, which looked surprizingly good on me, but decided not to get it. I am still regreting this desicion.
   I have been trying to find it in every existing site, but I had no luck. Since then, two things happened. One, I made a promise to myself that if I like something from the very first time I lay my eyes on it, I should try to get it, because later...there will be no later. Two, I started being also a one-piece fan, and begun looking for one since. So, I made the jump with this black ruffle swimsuit which I got at at a very very low price in sales in Sweden, approximately...150 euros less than the Juicy Couture one!hehe! What do you think? It's been like forever since I last wore a one-piece and it feels kind of weird! Have you ever regreted not buying something that you still recall loving?

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swimsuit H & M
straw basket  AXEL ACCESSORIES 
flip flops  HAVAIANAS


  1. oh the golden of shopping! grab it -tomorrow it might be gone. it works both ways though, you might miss something that you keep thinking about months later, but you may end up spending on stuff you wear once or twice and then you're over them!
    still that swimsuit looks great and i was thinking of buying one this year (only if it's ultra cheap and ultra cute)!

  2. looks goood! and for its price even better! =)

  3. Apisteyto magiw kai tsanta! Zileyw!

    Out Of The Box

  4. Wow, that's such a stunning swimsuit!! I'd love to have one of those myself, you look so gorgeous in it!! Your hair is so pretty by the way :-)

    X Saskia


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