...the greek term sounded better in my head than the foreign "bugambilia". Going through these photos, I realised how much this plant can lighten up every outfit. I was actually looking for an ideal place for this photoshoot when I discovered this little fuschia paradise just around the corner. You know I fall for beauty everywhere. 

Remember this scarf?

   On the previous post I promised you another display of the scarf that  embellished my head at the time, and here it is. I think it made the perfect top for my satin shorts! Worn together, they exude an air of luxury. The clutch is my beloved grandma's and you have seen it here beforeThe unique golden bangle, bought from a local peddler (fell instantly in love with it!), and the simple leather sandals, give the outfit this island breeze it had to have. Well, these, and the slightly sunkissed skin.
   For more ways of how to wear a scarf, stay tuned. There's more ;)

scarf  H & M (worn here,too)
top (worn inside)  ΖARA
shorts (old)  H & M
sandals   ΖARA
clutch  VINTAGE
bangle bought from a local peddler in Chania  


  1. ouaou!!!what a nice inspiration and i love your lipstick!!!

  2. Teleio! Kai latrevw tis voukamvilies! Eidika s'auto to xrwma! :)

  3. teleia idea! ;) kouklitsa!

  4. Love the scarf and the bracelet so much, what a lovely look! :)
    Andrea in Fashion


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