How to Wear a Scarf.

   5 different ways to wear a scarf

   Welcome to a how-to post! I believe it's my first one here on Red Rose Cheeks. If you ask me why I haven't done one before, I would have to put the blame on the fact that I believe I am no expert. Numerous posts and articles have been written by others, much more "specialized" than me in how-to's and DIY's over the years. 
   So why am I bringing this to you now? It would have to be all the recent posts that I did during this summer, while trying to find original ways to cloth, apart from the ones I usually prefer. Two different ways to wear a scarf as a top (here and here) and one as a headband (here) and I just thought "why not attempting to make a how-to post for the beloved readers?" - and here it is! As I mentioned before, the internet is full of "how to tie a scarf" articles, including hundreds (really!) of different ways, but I decided not to stick to the usal ones around the neck etc, and just going to show you the ones I tried during this summer -meaning that I actually wore all this stuff and got out of the house...!
   I am looking forward to hearing your opinion for my attempt! 

The scarf of my choice.

   1. The bow-head-scarf.

   First advice: Do not be afraid of the huge bow created on your head. Believe me, it is not that difficult to pull off. Once you try it, you will see for yourself that it is better than any kind of headband and it gives you great style! Follow the following steps:

   1. Roll the scarf on a smooth surface, trying to keep it as thin as possible.
   2. Simply place it on your head and make a knot on the top. Then make the bow. You can make it as big as you want to. That is, if you are not a fan of the huge bow, you can tie the bow and then fold the one or both of the edges of the scarf under the main tie you did first on this step.
   3. Don't forget to place some hair pins here and there to secure your hairdo.
   4. Tadaaa !

   2. The turban.

   You can make the turban as wide as you like. I believe it looks better with a messy bun than a ponytail, but this is up to you. If you like the turban, follow these steps:

   1. Roll the scarf on a surface and make it as thin as you like. (like in the first tutorial of the bow-scarf).
   2. Place the scarf on your hair and hold each edge on the opposite side, as you see in the second picture above.
   3. Now, simply twist the edges once. If you like you can tie a knot here, but I didn't.
   4. Fold the edges on the bottom of your head and tie a knot. Use pins for extra stability.
   5. You are ready!

3. The, as I call it, pirate-scarf.

   This style is most suited for the beach during holiday time. Well, I don't have any suggestions or steps for you to follow here, except maybe for one: Improvise! And never forget your pins!

4. The scarf as a top. 

    This is an easy way to tie a scarf as a top, apart from the simplest one -that you tie on the back- and I believe the sexiest one.

   1. First, fold the scarf in a triangle shape and then fold the middle corner of the scarf inside until it reaches the top part (picture 1 above).
   2. Place a blanket pin right at the spot that the corner attaches to, so that the fabric of the scarf will not slip.
   3. Tie the scarf around your body and make a knot in front of your chest. Adjust the hight and...
   4. What do you think??

5. The scarf as a top, with a twist. 

    This final way is the most interesting one, as it includes some kind of DIY in it. The best part is that it is ridiculously easy to do! All you need is a buckle of your choice. Just a small little thing with a hoop on it so you can pass the scarf through it. In lack of a buckle, I used this big ring instead. See how it's done:

   1. Pass the scarf through the buckle. As simple as that. 
   2. Your scarf should look like this right now (picture 2 above). 
   3. Tie the scarf around your body and tie the knot at the back this time.
   4. I love it! Worn only with something highwasted -like I did in picture 4 above- will definitely make a statement and your friends will admire your creativity!

Important Tip for the last two ways! Silk scarves can be a bit slippery, so what you can do is add a simple bra top inside, so you can avoid any accidents!


   While it is still summer, try to wear your scarf differentely this time and you won't be disappointed! And take risks! What is fashion without some extravagant moments? 

scarf  H & M
rings (on the first picture)  ACCESSORIzE
white top  NEW LOOK
jean shorts  H & M
high-wasted skirt (last picture) H & M
ring (last picture) HANDMADE, gift


  1. Wow...nice job sweetie!!! Sooo impressed...I wish I could do it and wear it as well...especially as a top ;)

  2. I have to say that I didn't imagine you with the ''pirate'' style suits you!!
    I would really want to try 4,5..obvious for me ha??but the weather here is not suitable..of course!!:(
    Go for other DIYs!!!

  3. M'arese poli opws foreses to foulari san mplouza!
    Para poli wraia tips! I alitheia einai oti to psilofovamai ta foularia, den niwthw o eautos mou otan ta foraw...alla isws dokimasw kapoion ap tous tropous pou mas edeixes!

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    Ευχαριστουμε για τα tips&tricks :-)

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