21st Century Boheme at H&M Spring Preview.

   Yesterday night we had the chance to take a peak into the H&M Spring 2013 collection . The press preview event, as always, was perfectly organized and held in a new spot. The place had a feeling of clarity. Maybe it was the amazing view that made everything even prettier. Even though the center of Athens was already in festive mood, with the christmas lights making their first appearance, we had no trouble entering a spring mood. 
   The collection was all about statement pieces, embellishment, texture and unusual forms. It was presented beautifully, although I felt I needed to see more. You know me, I can be around clothes for hours.
   What I enjoyed the most was the company of fellow bloggers, and trust me, I am not saying this because of the "blogging protocol". I am a person that needs time to feel comfortable around new acquaintances, and yesterday was a nice evening for me. I actually talked to people. Laughed with them. Got to know about their work or how they started blogging. I remember my first H&M press preview I attended last year- I was so nervous about meeting all these new people whose blogs I was reading!
   So, after my...personal confessions, back on the collection. For a more detailed preview, take a look at the pictures:

p.s. Anna and Mariza thank you for the wonderful evening!



  1. poli poli wraio blog! m aresei poli i fwtografia su! :) xxx

  2. Not impressed so far, but I'll be waiting to see them in stores in person for a full opinion.
    Love your photography though! :)

  3. Τα σκουλαρίκια φαίνονται υπέροχα!!

  4. once again , I love your wonderful photos!!! You can give life to things <3



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