3 Crafting Ideas for the Holidays.

   One thing you may not know about me is that I have a thing for crafting. Undeniably, fashion is my one big, true love- I seek for it everywhere. But in those rare moments that I am not thinking about fashion, I craft. Not anything huge- just small, pretty and easy-to-make crafts.  I just love it when I make something, anything, with my own hands!
   These holidays have been a great inspiration for me and I found so many things to do. So, I decided to show you my top 3 crafts, which happen to make excellent present ideas for the holidays! Here we go:
1. Make your own wrapping paper.

You will need:

✰ Plain paper roll. 
✰ Some felt christmas-themed figures.
 Watercolors in white or red and green.
 A figure punch and a paper sheet.

   This DIY is very easy to do. You just dip the felt figure in the watercolors of your choice and then you stamp it randomly on the wrapping paper . 

   With the figure punch you can also cut out some shapes to glue on the wrapping paper.

   Add some festive ribbon and voilà! Your very own wrapping paper is ready! Great for adding a personal touch to your gifts. 

2. Make unique holiday cards.

  Create a christmas tree with pencil sharpening art. 

3. Make water snowglobes!

   Clearly, my favorite! I saved the best craft for the end. One of the easiest and most impressive DIY's ever. Ideal for a gift and whimsical enough to decorate your room.

   You will need:

✰ A glass jar.
✰ Some christmas figurines (christmas tree or santa figures)
✰ Thick glitter.
✰ Water.
✰ Glycerine. (available at any pharmacie)
✰ Glue.

   First, you need to glue the figurines onto the inside surface of the jar's lid. Let them dry for some hours or even better, for the whole night.

   Once you do this, the rest of the procedure should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Fill the jar with water and add just a bit of glycerine to it, so that the glitter doesn't stick to the top of the jar.

* Important tip: Remember to consider the amount of the water that is going to be displaced when you put the figurines in. This depends on the size of the figurines (simple physics rules, hehe. You don't want to be all wet after you close the lid!).

    Throw the glitter in.

   Put the lid on the jar, like pictured next. Don't be afraid, it's amazingly easy.

   You should end up with something like this:

   Turn it around and.............Tadaaa!!! You have just made the most beautiful snowglobe!

   I hope this post inspires you to do something different these holidays. I invite all of you to try out any of these crafts and let me know how it goes. And please share with me any other DIYs' you are aware of. 

   And don't forget: Have fun and enjoy these days to the fullest! 


  1. Τι ωραίες ιδέες!! Ειδικά το τελευταίο δεν ήξερα ότι μπορεί να γίνει τόσο εύκολα :)

  2. Loved them all! Especially the snow globe! wow!

  3. This is the most incredible, most beautyful, the best DIY I have ever seen! I mean the snowball. Thank you so much for the idea. I'll try to think what else I can put inside apart from christmas figures and make some for me and my friends. What if I laminate some small photos...hmm

    Have a Happy, Creative New Year!


  4. Kouklistika kai ta tria!!! Kalh xronia Kat!!!!!!!! xxx

  5. Kali xronia! Yperoxes idees! Sto blog mou yparxei ena giveaway! Tha xarw poly an symmetasxeis kai esy!

    Polla filia
    Out Of The Box


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