Back to the city.

    Little floral dress. 

   September is already coming to its' end and I have been postponing this post for a while now. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't want summer to be officially over. Maybe the overall feeling of these days, which, sadly, is not what I have been wishing for. Changes and a bleak forecast in the job area are to be blamed for this September's mood. But, what I am realising more and more these days, is the need to find joy in the simple moments. Oh, and definitely seize the day. Be happy with what you are experiencing right now. 
   My source of joy was he fact that I started redecorating my room, little by little- something I have been planning for ages but never actually got to do. The first step was to buy a nice bookcase in order to organize all my 'school stuff'. During this cleanup, I sort of felt like some of my worries were also washed up. It was like a small burden set aside for a while. Cleaning and organizing occessionaly have that inner impact. Have you ever felt this way? Next step, making small decorating changes, as you may have seen in Red Rose Cheeks' facebook page
   Of course, a full of blossoms, little black dress can brighten up your day a liiitle bit more! Especially if it doesn't hurt your pocket, too ;)

dress (new collection) and bag (old)  ZARA
ballet flats  PULL & BEAR


  1. Υπέροχο φόρεμα, τόσο ωραία συνδυασμένο!!
    Ωραίο κείμενο! Αγάπησα τη διακόσμηση με τις πεταλούδες!!

  2. Such a positive post!
    Your dress is so lovely!
    Personally, I've been planning to organise my wardrobe forever, but still haven't done it!

    Hope you are well and happy!
    Many kisses
    Angelina -

  3. Beautiful dress!!Unfortunately summer is over...

  4. Please don't be sad, you are a source of inspiration for all of us and such a happy face. Those are tough times for all of us but do not forget that as time goes by everything looks less difficult than they seemed at the begining

  5. Υπέροχηηηηηηη!!!!!! Πολύ όμορφο φόρεμα και ποσο σου πάει!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. love the dress!
    and your hair color is amazing :)
    xoxo Rose

  7. perfect colors for this 'in between' season. plus i bet you can wear this dress with tights and a cardigan when it gets colder!


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