H&M Spring Collection 2014.


   Another great night in the H&M showroom. I always enjoy H&M’s presentations, but yesterday I enjoyed it to the fullest! I arrived rather jaded, worried that I wouldn’t have had time to photograph and mingle as much as I wanted, but to my -pleasant- surprise, the showroom was full of people and I saw many familiar faces between them! In a peculiar way, we ended up coming at the same time, even though we hadn’t planned on it. So, I was happy :)

  The night involved talking, photographing, mingling, tasting and drinking. I met so many nice and smiling people, fellow bloggers that I am beginning to know better lately and I like it, chatted with the always stylish hostesses of the event, fell in love with the suede knee-high boots Dimitra was wearing (part of the Spring collection), saw the new Countess Wilhelmina ‘batgirl’ necklace worn by its’ designer, admired the style of fashionable people (don't worry, you will find pictures of all in this ‘heavy’ photographic post!). So, I was happy :)

  Now, to the collection. H&M describes it as ‘bohemian urban’. Tough details like leather or suede are co-existing with bohemian ones, like tassels (literally everywhere! on shirts, dresses, even on curtains!) or fur. In the same time, though, dark romantic ideas found their way to the collection, through a dusty pink palette and girly details. I enjoyed the collection, and I didn’t feel it strange talking about spring in the start of winter, mostly because there were many versatile pieces that could be worn during cold weather as well as in the crisp air of spring. So, again, I was happy :)

  Thank you H&M for the invitation and the great evening!

photography by me


  1. So sad I didn't make it... Thank you for sharing =)

  2. Para poli wraies fwtografies! S'euxaristoume gia tin parousiasi!

  3. Super! I hope next time to be invited, too.


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