For the last post of 2013, I thought I' d share with you some ideas that have proven very beneficial the last few years for me. They make this time of the year really special and fill me with strength and omptimism for the year to come. Shall we?

1. Wrap your own gifts.

   You've already bought all the presents for tonight but the view of the plastic bags under the tree is not exactly beautiful to look at? Well, you still have time to do something different this year. Find boxes of all sizes, pick a playful wrapping paper and create different kinds of bows with festive ribbon. Wrapping your own gifts doubles the joy you feel when you offer them to the people you love and that is definitely a good thing :)
   I tried out some more elaborate bows this year and, in lack of empty boxes, I rolled up some fabric and created candy shapped gifts! They surely look good! 

2. Wear your fancy flats during walks.

   There isn't a better way to feel festive than to wear your fancy shoes even it is for a walk downtown. It may be cold, but you should put your everyday boots aside and wear something that will fill you with joy! These particular flats have that special effect on me. Whenever I wear them, I feel like dancing in the middle of the crowd!

3. Enjoy the christmas tree as much as you can.

   It may be yet only one week left for holiday decorations, but this is exactly why you should enjoy them to the fullest. Sit by the christmas tree and read your favorite book, all curled up in your blanket, watch movies or even sleep under the christmas lights. You should try to keep this season in you for as long as possible. 

4. Wear your silly christmas socks. 

Guarranteed to cheer you up in no time. 

5. Buy something small but festive to use in your everyday life. 

   I' ve been using this Starbucks thermos for 3 years now, replacing my everyday one with it. I am always receiving positive comments about it from people around me and it makes me happy. Spent less than 10 euros once, but feeling the joy coming out of such a small thing for years. Success. 

6. Or make a small gift to yourself, if you wish. 

   If you decide to do it, do it with something that you rarely indulge into.  I, for example, never spend much money on make up stuff. But once a year, around the holiday season, I usually buy a vernis of a famous label or maybe a good mascara etc. It is just a small luxury I want to save money for, just for me. This year it was Dior's Marilyn vernis 751.

7. Use holiday boxes for the cookies.

   Why keeping your cookies inside the carton box when you can open this playful tin box every time you want one? Whimsy and childhood remembrance all in one!

8. Take night walks and photograph the lights around. 

   They give the night a whole other meaning. If you also capture them with your camera, add some blurry effect to make them cooler, and there you go, you have a luminous collage made of beautiful photos! 

Here is to a lovable 2014! 


  1. Μαγικάαααα όλααα!! Πολύ όμορφες φωτογραφίες!!
    Να περάσεις υπέροχα σήμερα!! Καλή Χρονιάα να έχεις! <333

  2. Happy New Year!!! Best wishes, happiness and smiles, many many smiles!!!!! :)

  3. You are a master in photography! I can't take me eyes off!!

  4. Oh, I just found your page, and I'm in love!! Even though it is February I just read your post about the Christmas season ideas and it was so inspiring! You have great ideas and I'm glad I found you!

  5. Afto to post giati mou diefuge??
    Einai toso ta ekana ola afta...makari...
    Euxomai tou xronou na ta kanw :)


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