Sweetcase + Red Rose Cheeks Holiday Giveaway.


  Christmas is approaching, yay! Only 9 days left and we couldn't leave you without a very very christmassy gift. Sweetcase and Red Rose Cheeks are giving away the amazing floral bag from the last festive post! It will be perfect for your winter strolls (plus, you can wear it in the spring, too) ! 

   In order to participate, you must do the following: 

☃  Like Red Rose Cheeks' Facebook page, here
☃  Like Sweetcase's Facebook page, here
☃  Share the photo of the giveaway, here.

The giveaway is open until the 29th of December and it is valid internationally. 

I hope you like the gift as much as I do! Good luck and happy holidays from Red Rose Cheeks


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  1. luv it!!!!!! I cross fingers and wish the best holidays!!!! :)


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