Love is in the ἔαρ.


Playing with words.

   "ἔαρ" in ancient greek means "spring". Apart form that, it fortunately happens to be homonymous (= being heard the same) with the english word "air", so I decided to use this -very common in Greece- play with words. Well, love is in the air, especially during spring. That' s why this is my favorite season of all· nature with its' blooming makes us bloom, too. I find myself to be more optimistic about everything, daydream more often and see things with a different eye.
    That is, of course, when spring actually is here, with its' warmth and sun... After maaany weeks in which it seemed that it has lost its' way, I can finally say those long-desired words: "Spring is here!" (any rumors of me jumping on my bed while saying this, are definitely untrue.)

dress and flower crown  H & M
brogues  PULL & BEAR


  1. Everything about you is adorable! <3

  2. Πανέμορφο outfit και φωτογραφίες :)


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