Like Old Times.

...This is how I felt yesterday with what I was wearing. Like I was a heroine of older times,  victorian times I think, when highwaisted skirts, ruffled shirts, flower prints, peacock details and beautiful handmade vintage jewellery were part of the daily outfits of women of high-class society. The only thing missing from my outfit was a hat; a fascinator with feathers!

P.S. I am wearing my new vintage-like necklace, one of my prettiest ones, bought at the meet market of 6 D.O.G.S. last Sunday!

Top- h& m
Skirt and peacock belt- Zara
Flower brooch won on my bag- Accessorize
Clutch bag- Vintage from my grandmother
Floral ballerinas- Sfera
Handmade necklace- Rag Dollies Madhouse


  1. panemorfo ourfit. mou aresei poli poli to verniki, to koliedaki e3airetiko kai i tsantoula monadiki (outws h allws afou einai tis giagioulas)

  2. aaa s'euxaristw filh! to verniki einai seventeen, noumero 294, an s'endiaferei! :)


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