I was tagged by my, undoubtedly, stylish friend  dindinaki koudounaki a while now for a question game, but only now I managed to find some time to the second part of the game, which is...answering! So, let's see:

1. What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness to me is this feeling I have from time to time that everything is right. When I feel that I don't need to ask for anything else. It kind of strikes me on irrelevant moments, like in the movies, when I am walking on the street and I am felling the light breeze....ok, you get the idea.

2. Imagine your ideal dream-date. Who sits in front of you?
Well, I couldn't  choose anybody else than my...5-years-special-one, with whom, after so many years, dating still feels like the first time.

3. Which book changed your whole way of thinking?
Hmm, Harry Potter made me think even more strongly than before that, instead of the real me, I should be a little witch , living in Hogwarts, learning spells, having moving paintings in my room and eat in a dinner room like the one in the castle. I have a problem, I know.

4. Who is your style- icon?
I could refer to many many famous people, but instead I realise that the one person that I am always thinking about when I think of style, is my beloved grandmother whose style was so elegant and she reminded me of old Hollywood star quality. 

5. Tell me 4 things you want to do so badly, before you die.
a. Buy a Chanel 2.55, b. Fly on an air-balloon, c. Live in London for sometime and d. Make sure that everybody I love is safe.

6. What is your favourite movie?
I could try but they are so many. I don't know why, but almost every movie, "catches" me  in a way. 

7. Tell me some lyrics or a phrase that speaks right to your heart.
"Believe in your dreams". 

8. Which blog inspires you the most?
I have to say that my number-one blog I first run into and kind of made me want one for myself is the cherry blossom girl

Thank you, dindinaki koudounaki, for making me think about some things! (well, that doesn't sound very great for me...hehe)

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  1. na sai kala gliko mou!euxaristw polli polli. euxomai panta na xeis tin aisthisi oti ola pane kala, kai na apoktiseis kai mia chanel 2.55(xixiixix)


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