Something I Have Made.

   I have to tell you that every now and then I can feel a little voice inside me  telling me that I need to create something from scratch. When I am not looking for fashion blogs etc -rarely, indeed- I am always browsing through the internet and collecting ideas about handmade stuff. So, this is a necklace I have been dreaming of creating ana finally did a while ago. I wanted it to be colourful, mostly red and green (two of my favorite palettes), with special little details like fruit or other weird beads and, of course, garnished with a bow; I wanted it to be one thing- really juicy. Do you think that I have managed my goal? I am so happy when I wear this necklace because it always, always gets a compliment from people around me, especially when I rush to tell them that I have made it. Yayyyy!

Necklace handmade by me


  1. Polu omorfo!tairiazei kai to fodo pou exeis!

  2. to 8umamai pou mou eixes pei gia tis xantres k sou eixa proteinei kapoies!!xixi


  3. panemorfo einai. do more and sell. tha epairna ena...

  4. xexe! sovara?! panta to lew, alla ksereis, h 8ewria apexei poluuuu apo thn praksh..! euxaristw polu pantws! :))))


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