Samantha Sotos - Athens Fashion Week.

Yesterday night I finally managed to attend some of the shows of the fashion week that takes place in Athens! I was very excited to finally make it, and I have to say I was more enthusiased in the end, because the shows I watched were a treat for my eyes! The first show was the one of Samantha Sotos. The collection was beautiful, trully colourful and very..."happy"! The show was named "To frill or not to frill?" and I think that there shouldn't even be such a dimlema! "Frill" it is, then! That pretty flounce caught my eye and I believe that they added this "something" to the clothes, which, by the way, were trully wearable for everyday life. And I believe that this is something very important for a clothes' collection. Here are some pictures: 

The invitation of the show.

Let's go. Many colourful monochrome dresses garnished with -what else?- adorable frills.

 Some multicoloured pieces that I fell in love with!

White dresses, long or short. 

White and blue dresses, with some golden details. 

And, finally, some...sparkling pieces for the evening. Loved the frill detail at the back and the shorts-uniform! Oh, I forgot to mention that the contrasting shoes were really something.

Some more pictures of the catwalk, overall and the woman behind all these:
Really enjoyed the show!
Coming up later tonight, the second wonderful show I watched, DElight, and the outfit I was wearing. Hope you liked it! :)

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