Inpiration Nails Tip.

      This is what my nails looked like last week. And this is how the look like right now, while I am typing these words;

   If you are no manicure expert -like I am- you won't believe how easy this is! All you will need is this; 

   That's right! Two different nail polish and paper hole stickers.You can use more evreyday colors, like the ones I used, or more sophisticated ones, like glittered polish. It's your choice!

   You can find the whole tutorial in my favorite blog of all times, the cherry blossom girl, where I was inpired from.

Nail Polish
coral - 115
deep red - 55
  mint green - 49, all three ERRE DUE
 deep green - 297 SEVENTEEN

double finger ring  and flower brooch (worn as a ring)  ACCESSORIZE

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