A Year of Blogging.


   becomes one

With a brand new header designed by my brother
   I can't believe it's been a year already...! It seems like yesterday that I was sitting on my desk a year ago, scanning again and again my favorite fashion blogs worldwide, flirting with the idea of creating one of my own, writing down possible names for it, sketching headers, imagining how I would like it to be...!

   I still remember the beautiful anxiety I felt when I did my very first post, wearing my beloved miu miu's and photographing them from every possible angle! I was curious about how this whole thing would work or if anybody would find my posts interesting and worth commenting on. I recall times that readers were somehow increasing, slowly but steadily, and I felt so happy about it! 

   But, blogging for red rose cheeks has not always been so great. There have been days that blogging didn't seem so much fun, as I often felt disappointed about the traffic of people, the readership, the quality of my very own posts, or the fact that it seemed slightly unfair that some of my well-set (in my opinion) posts  were not recognised as I was expecting them to be, while famous fashion blogs around the world received handreds or, at least, dozens of comments, even though they may have not been so well-set or did not present anything new, for that matter (again, in my view). If you are a blogger reading this right now, I guess that this feeling may sound familiar to you, that you may have dealed with it at some point of your blogging time. If you are not a blogger reading this right now, I cannot imagine how this would sound to you, if it might seem vain or even pathetic. But I know that when I decide to do somenting, I want to do it at least decently, and I need to get a feed-back from it, in order to know what I am doing wrong or what I should improve about it. 

   I cannot hide that these unpleasant feelings still make their appearance from time to time, but I try to get over them and focus on the positive aspects of blogging, which mainly consist of this weird satisfaction of trying out something very new, of expressing myself through the blog ,of  being more active on fashion issues, of meeting interesting people out of the greek blogosphere, of attending some great fashion shows with my girls, all dressed up and excited, of finding inspiration everywhere around ,and hopefully giving some. 

   Excuse me if I tired you with my superfluity, but I just felt like saying all that stuff out loud

   Happy One-Year-Old Birthday to red rose cheeks and thank you, readers, for spending some of your time here through this year! 

   p.s. Huge thanks to my brother too, who devoted time in designing this amazing header, which fits just perfectly here!



  1. Happy one year!I think that there may be posts that had been read from people but they have not something to comment.....But mostly your posts are cute and colorful!

  2. Happy 1st blog Birthday girl!!!
    And congratulations on your brother for the new header, it's great!
    I really liked this post. I couldn't agree more with you. I had the same feelings many times, since I started blogging (about 7 months ago).
    I really like your blog and your content, and that's why I sent you an email when I couldn't comment at first, to tell you how much I admire your style and work on your blog, and that's why I've been following you since then.
    I'm sure all the work you do here is appreciated and you'll soon be rewarded, 'cause you love what you do.
    To many more years of blogging. You are really inspiring!

  3. sigxaritiria vre!!!makari na ftaseis sto epipedo p 8es!!!:D

  4. καταρχήν χρόνια πολλά!
    κατά δεύτερον, να σου πω πώς βλέπω εγώ τα πράγματα:
    πρέπει να σκεφτείς για ποιο βασικό λόγο έχεις το blog.
    αν είναι πρωτίστως για να εκφράζεσαι, τότε μην ασχολείσαι με νούμερα και στατιστικές, κάνε αυτό που αγαπάς κ αν έρθει η αναγνώριση, θα είναι μια επιπλέον ευχάριστη κατάσταση
    αν είναι πρωτίστως για την αποδοχή/αναγνώριση (όπως εσύ τη φαντάζεσαι και την ορίζεις) πρέπει να κάνεις ένα πιο επιθετικό παιχνίδι στο κομμάτι της επικοινωνίας και της δικτύωσης, ειδικά μιας και σήμερα έχουμε χάσει το λογαριασμό πόσα fashion ή "fashion" blogs υπάρχουν εκεί έξω.
    πάντως όπως και να χει, επειδή η ματιά σου και η αισθητική σου κερδίζουν τον αναγνώστη, ελπίζω να μην εγκαταλείψεις το blogging και να παίρνεις από αυτό όσα επιθυμείς και περισσότερα!

  5. xronia polla kai kala kai megeia to header. kai omos exeis ena apo ta pio oraia fashion blogs. u r the greek cherryblossomgirl!!

  6. Thank you all for your wishes!
    @reaction: I haven't thought about it! You are right!

    @Call me M: You are one of my biggest supporters! Thank you girl!

    @stella: you carry a wisdom inside-no kidding! The things you said are true!

    @ leinti nti: OMG! :) One of the best comments I have ever received! I love the cherry blossom girl! Thank youuuu!

  7. Happy Birthday LOL!!
    I know that you devote your self in fashion and that is obvious everyday, as I can see it everyday.
    You also inspire other people and that is also a great satisfaction.
    But most of all you upload your moments, your stylish moments no matter what....that is what's worth finally!

  8. wow! thank you kelita mou! :) a really meaningful comment!


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