A mere photo post. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, although we don't celebrate it here. Maybe that's why it allures me so. Every year I find myself browsing at frightening images, weird custom made fonts, scary photoshoots by other blogs. And every year I tell myself that I want to experience this festive once in my life. Maybe when I finally move to London for a year, like I am always saying, who knows...

   p.s.1 All photos shot by me, from various places all over the world. Sweden and Copenhagen, mostly. Hope you like them! 

   p.s.2. Have you seen my outfit for the day? Not creepy at all! Hint: pumpkin color. By the way, if you are a fan of Red Rose Cheeks' facebook page, you should know that if you want to keep up to date with the new posts etc. you should click "add to interest list" and then "new list" on the top right menu, in order for all the posts to be shown on your news feed. Bye for now! Muahaha

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