H&M Winter Collection Preview.

   A while ago, I happened to be at the H & M quarters to photograph the ADR collection. But a girl always has to keep her eyes open so that she grabs every opportunity that rises! So, I jumped at the chance to take a glimpse at the new winter collection and now I present it to you! Enough talking, let the pictures talk:

   Did you purchase anything pretty for the season? Tell me! I haven't been able to do so yet, but I am planning to! 
On my shopping list: 

✿ a leather backpack
✿ a nice wallet
✿ a pair of everyday booties (love these)
✿ a denim shirt
✿ something burgundy
✿ a loose knit (that I can pair with leggings and ballet flats)
✿ an interesting coat (that won't hurt my pocket, hopefully)
✿ trendy tights
✿ a pair of colored jeans

   Oh, I better stop here because when it comes to shopping, I never know when to shut up!


  1. Oh wow ... amazing photos as always ...

  2. haven't shopped anything yet due to the warm weather, and i don't have many things on my list, a denim dress perhaps and when it gets cold a duffle coat

  3. Haha! This list is endless, always! At list for me. There is always something more I'd like to buy to make it perfect. I bought a burgundy color dress in straight line (channel line I'd like to call it!). Matches perfect with pink and gold.

    Hope you will erase something from your list ;-)
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  4. Amazing photos and the collection seems really nice!
    I can't wait to see it in stores. My wallet won't be that happy. hehe

  5. So impressed of their newcollection! Love the geometric necklace! Do you know if it is already available in stores?

    Many kisses
    Out Of The Box


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