Italy Photo Diary 2.

   Hello there :) Here I am again, with the second part of my photo diary. I hope you liked the first one, but in case you've missed it, you can find it here
   Now I am just going to pick it up where I left off, so press the music button above (one of my favorite songs) and come along with me.

Parts 1-14 

15. Apparently there is one Disney store in every city of Italy. That was a huge problem for us because we wanted to buy literally everything. Stitch was our favorite one to hug. 

16. Hours later, we decided to settle for a bunch of mysterious creatures that took over our bed later.

17. We saved a whole day for Villa Borghese in Rome. This is where I witnessed (and managed to snap!)  this beautiful moment. Ahh, young love...♥ 

18. ...but also, "ahh, laying on the grass and soaking up some sun..." Priceless.

19. I remembered why Spring is my favorite season of all.

20. On our way back, we saw a prim lady, full of attitude.

21.  Photographed some good-looking food.

22. ...and saw the most awkward-to-lick lollipop. Yeap, that's the Pope on it.

23. Fortunately, there were some other stuff to fancy while window shopping.

24. Saw a beautiful and very stylish girl.

25. And an older couple under the same umbrella.

26. One evening, we found ourselves strolling in Piazza Navona. I wish I knew what these two were talking about. It must have been something interesting.

27. It was really rainy that night. We found shelter under a small tent, because, erm, we had no umbrella.

28. That night I realised that, apparently, I can make an oil painting just by using my camera in a really, really wrong way. 

Third photo diary, soon on the blog ;)


  1. Lovely pictures!

  2. Υπέροχες φωτογραφιες...και πάλι!


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