Italy Photo Diary 3.

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   Hello and welcome to the third part of my photo diary. I have to admit that making this diary has been really fun for me! I am reliving it through my pictures and that's cool :) 

 Parts 1-14 
 Parts 15-28 

29. On our last day in the capital, the weather was gloomy but made this girl with the pink coat really stand out in all the gloominess.

30. I made a quick self-portrait while waiting for my boyfriend inside a men's clothes' shop. I was obviously cold.

31. But then the sun shyly came up.

31. We had our last coffee in Rome at the Caffè Ciampini (and a forest fruit tart, to be completely honest!).

32. I realised that I can squeeze a whole monument inside a small soap bubble.

33. On Tuesday we came back home and I made a really cool gif from inside the Vatican.

34. ...while munching the craziest chocolate with Smarties in it! (by Milka) 

35. And then, it was time for Venice! :)  We wandered inside the little streets and among the canals.

36. Saw this lady with her fuchsia coat and her cute little dog.

37. Photographed a whole lot of pink bicycles.

38. Fell in love with the light of those lamps at night 

39. much that I decided to create one in broad daylight and bring my boyfriend right in the spotlight!

40. ...and, also, that I want a small dachshund for myself. It was a day of hard decisions.

The last (and personal favorite!) photo diary of my trip shall be up really soon ;)


  1. Great photos!

  2. I love your photos! It's like taking us together with you on your trip! :)

  3. Είναι σαν να είμαι εκεί, βλέποντας τις φωτογραφίες σου! :) :)


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