Sales Shopping.

  I like sharing my latest shopping finds with you, guys! It's like when I tell my girlfriends what I got for myself, but even better..You see, although they know it's my "thing", they always tease me for my endless shopping, but with you, we share the same passion! Passion for fashion

   So, I am very proud that this year I believe sales shopping was money well-spent, in stuff I really needed and will be great for the heart of winter.

1. I ordered this French Connection cape from asos and it was 70% off! I always wanted a cape and how cute are the fur pon pons?!

2. I got some really chic white gloves from Accessorize at half a price. Did you notice the small pearls they have on the side?

3. Although I love a flower on my hair all year long, I never wear any kind of beanie or hat, for that matter. My curly hair makes it hard to find something that looks good on me and doesn't make me look like...Bozo. So, when I wore this beanie with the huge pon pon that makes the fabric fold over at the back, I felt I was at least decent, so I bought it! Again, from Accesorize.

4. And finally, while wandering in attica, my eyes rolled over these super soft suede boots form FengShoe, and although they were at 30% off and a little out of my budget, I went for it as I think they are all time classic and will be worn for years.

That's it! What did you shop on the sales?


  1. einai pl omorfaaaaa!eidika h kapa einai gluka k exei uperoxo xrwma :)

  2. Loved your new cape!!! Megeia!

  3. me geia sou koritsaki :) kaloforeta :)

  4. Great haul! Love the gloves especially! :)

  5. η κάπα είναι ΠΑΝΕΜΟΡΦΗ! τι κρίμα που δεν υπάρχει πια στο νούμερό μου...

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