Food in Italy.


   The last one of the Italy posts. Belated, I know. Still, if you have ever been to Italy, you propably know what I am talking about. Mouth-watering treats everywhere around. Soft ice creams, delicious pasta, hot buns from little bakeries, pizza-pizza-pizza everywhere, aperitives for the evening and outdoor fruit and vegetable markets to capture with your photographic lens, are some of the beauties to fall in love with. Enjoy the photos and if you are a greek reader, wanting to read more on my food experience in Italy, be sure to head over to I bake your pardon, where Danai, was kind enough to host an article of mine! So happy about it :)


  1. your hair colour ist just wonderful!! and the italy pictures are wonderful, I would kill for that food now!!! xxx mila

  2. Yummy yummy! Laxtaristo post!

  3. Φανταστικές στιγμές και φανταστικό blog.
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  4. Your photos are just so mouth watering! Everything looks so delicious and amazing! I have been to Italy and I so want to go back now that I am seeing your photos!



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