Stationery Addiction.

Faber Castell pencils and erasers

Accessorize pencil pendant

moo custom made stickers

    If you are reading this post, it means that you relate to the situation. Welcome to the A.S.A.C.(Anonymous Stationery Addict Club, that is), I sympathise. For the rest of you that are reading this, I know what you are thinking: "Stationery? Really?". Well, I know fashion is a more common addiction, but what can I do? My addiction calls at me every time I see a bookstore. Doubtless, September is the greatest challenge for me, in order not to shop every single item found in a store.
   I usually buy my stationery from local bookstores, which I visit, err, regularly. Little treasures can be found anywhere. Accessorize also have great school stuff, stickers and notebooks, although a little pricey. My latest discovery was when I bumped into, where I customised my very own sticker album, with pictures of my liking! It is amazing.

   So if you are a stationery junkie like I am, and because there is no such thing as 'too much stationery', scroll down for a surprise!

Eastpak pencil case

Maildor candy bookmarks

Accessorize Note Card set

Accessorize Paris sticky notes

 If you are following Red Rose Cheeks for a while now, you might have noticed that I also have a thing for small, pretty crafts. Well, here is my surprise for you! I 'clothed' two ruled notepads with a cute motive paper on the cover (one floral and one polka dot), I attached my own labels, and I am giving you the chance to win both of them! One winner will be drawn for both notepads. To take part to the giveaway, you should follow these steps: 

1. Follow Red Rose Cheeks on GFC. 
2. Follow Red Rose Cheeks on Facebook, here.
3. Publicly share this photo on Facebook. 

Contest runs until the midnight of the 10th of October, and is valid internationally. 

Hope you like the gift!

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED! WINNER ANNOUNCED on Red Rose Cheeks Facebook page. Thank you all!! :) 


  1. Yπέροχα σχολικά πραγματάκια!!

  2. I really need some custom made stickers, too!
    So jealous :/

    Style Nirvana

  3. My dearest RedRoseCheeks,

    it is such a relief to know that you are not the only one. I keep buying little or bigger notebooks myself. And colorful pens. And stickers, sticky notes in shapes, qute erasers...and the list goes on and on. The only differense might be that I rarely use them! I don't want to waste them, to ruin them. How sick is that right?
    Tell you the truth I find it hard to find really nice notebooks and Giannini is my favorite brand. As for the Accessorize yes, those stickers are pricy but I preffer them every Christmas.
    Boy I said to much! Looks like your post touched something inside me

  4. perfect gift ,thanks
    FB χαρα ρουσση

  5. wish me luck!!!
    fb Φαίη Ιωάννου
    gfc faih_gr2000

  6. gfc/fb.Eleftheria Lemontzi

  7. so so cute thelo na epistrepso sta thrania! lol
    kali sxoliki xronia

  8. AMAZING GIFT :) .



  9. We love stasionery,too! !! Φαίνονται όλα υπέροχα! Ωραίος διαγωνισμός!:))


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