Italy Photo Diary 4.

Hello again :) My Italy photo diary is finally completed today! Here is a quick report: 

Number of cities visited: 5. Rome, Urbino, San Marino, Venice and Verona.
Number of photos taken: 1596
Number of photos edited: 183
Number of frutti di bosco tarts eaten: 3
Number of times we walked Via del Corso in Rome up and down: innumerable
Number of Disney Store visits: 3
Number of  Pope lollipops purchased: 0
Number of times I listened to Mr. Brightside while writing these posts: innumerable
Number of great buys: 3. My pink Vans, Miu Miu round sunglasses from San Marino and a beautiful silk skirt from The Hidden Forest Market boutique, in Verona. 
Number of snow balls purchased: 4

Overall, it was an amazing two weeks vacation :) 

 Parts 1-14 
 Parts 15-28 

41. On our first day in Verona we stumbled upon a mini me.

42. Juliet's house was our first stop. The yard with the famous balcony was really overcrowded, people laughing and taking photos. The locket wall really had me staring for a while. All I could think of was that it didn't matter how cheesy or commercial these lockets were- they do represent love and it's amazingly refreshing to know that there is so much love around. 

43. Made sooo many locket close ups.

44. ...and photographed a bunch of love notes.

45. It was a while after that I came to realise that those notes were stuck on the walls with gum. Disgusting... but kind of romantic, too. 

46. We decided that leaving the house without writing down our names, too, would have been a serious omission, and so we wasted no time ♥ Tip of advice: Always carry a pemanent maker with you. You never know when it might be needed ;)

47. Later we enjoyed a beautiful crisp evening in Verona's old town center. It was definitely time for ice cream. Frutti di bosco was yum!

48. On our morning walk the next day, we matched a yellow Osteria with a yellow Vespa.

49.  I took my first Sartorialist-appropriate photo of this man and was so proud of myself. 

50. Made a quick stop outside Juliet's house again at night.

51. ... And then we had to leave. This is my "Can we please stay another night? Pleeease?" kind of look. 

52. Coming back to Urbino, we decided to complete this vacation with the proper movie. Audrey was really comforting. If only we hadn't forgot the popcorn.

My last thought on travelling? Do it. Don't overthink it.  

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